Our Designers

Our Designers


Martina Lehr

Martina Lehr designs teach bears under the motto "as made for you", bears of the a little different type, quite humanly often windswept and always with a lot of love of the detail since 1995. She works for the company Clemens now already since 1997.


Jack & Marion Finhold

The unmistakable Finhold bears are designed for Clemens
 since 2004 by Marion & Jack Finhold. Since 1997 artist bears as a main branch are manufactured at Finhold. The joy in the highly imaginative design is the great concern of the

Anna Dazumal

Her first teddy bear was made already 1992. Since 2001
the bears and collector animals find in the style of the
"good old days" under the name Anna Dazumal
her enthusiasts in all the world. Whether playful or
loved off, a lot of love is given to every creature in the new home.

Numerous awards speak for the quality of her work.

Geli Schwind

Angelika Schwind creates Gelibears since 1995.
It began as a single present and once it has developed into a great passion.
"I don't have any particular trend, my tremendous skilled workers go in all directions. There is the old traditional bear and also the casual biker and happy gardener there."

Solvita Baudele1

Solvita Baudele is making  bears since 2008. When she is making bears she thinks that there is just something about a Teddy Bear that is impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort and home. A home without a Teddy Bear is just a house.


Katya Bespalova1

My name is Katya Bespalova. I create teddy bears. I used
to work with children and what I like most about all children is
that they are very open, sincere and natural. When I started making bears I wanted them to have the same qualities.
 All my toys are children to some extent. It is very important
for me that my bears look as if they are alive
 even if they don't look like real bears. My slogan is, "Feel with your soul!". When I am making a toy I give a small part of my soul to it and I want people to feel that.


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